• Step 1: Prepare
    application materials
    (refer to Attachments 1-5)

  • Step 2: Contact the international office of your university to submit the application materials

  • Step 3: The international office of the your universi ty should send your appli cation materials to the mailbox of DUT Internatio nal Office

  • Step 4: International Office of DUT would review the materials and inform the students whether they have passed the application or not

  • Step 5: After obtaining the admission qualification, DUT School of Interna tional Education of DUT will contact the students to register for admission

  • Step 6: Go to DUT to start a semester/academic year study tour

Fact Sheet for Student Exchange

International Office (Main Building 125

Dalian University of Technology

No 2 Linggong Road, High-Tech Zone, Dalian, P.R. China 116024




Deadline for 2021 Fall Semester Entry

Nomination deadline: June 8th 2021

Application deadline: June 15th 2021

Deadline for 2022 Spring Semester Entry

Nomination deadline: November 16th 2021

Application deadline: November 27th 2021

Application Procedure

The application should be consulted and processed between designated staff members at home and host institutions, not on an individual basis.

Application Details

All application documents should be submitted and managed through the International Office of the home university and sent through email in PDF format.

Exchange students are required to prepare the following materials:
1.ID photo :

Two-inch photo with white background, between 100-500KB, in JPG format
2.Highest diploma/ Enrollment Certificate:
Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English. 3.Transcripts correspondent with the diploma or Enrollment Certificate:
Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.
4.Study plan in Chinese or in English (no less than 500 words):
Please expatiate on the major or research field you would like to study at DUT.
5.Two recommendation letters in Chinese or English   by professors or associate professors from the University of the Applicant.
6.Passport Photo Page and Blank Page.   If applicants have already been to China before, please attach the entry and exit visa page as well.
7.Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form filled in English (obligatory for students whose study period exceed six months).
Please use the version by Chinese quarantine authority. The physical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid. The physical examination results are valid for 6 month. All applicants are kindly requested to take this factor into consideration while determining the time to take physical examination.
8.Application form for international exchange student to study in DUT:  Please explicit the exact study period【Duration of Study at DUT】. Generally, the spring semester is from March 1st to July 15th, and the fall semester is from September 1st to January 15th.
9.Language Certificate
(1)Chinese-Taught Program: Applicants for majors related to science, engineering, economics and management need to provide transcripts with a score of 180 or more in the new HSK Level 4; Applicants for majors related to humanities and foreign languages need to provide transcripts with a score of 180 or more in the new HSK Level 5. Applicants could also provide proof of Chinese learning in the previous stage.
(2)English-Taught Program:
According to the admission qualifications of DUT, please submit the English?level certificate that meet one of the following four conditions.
1.?Applicants that use English as the language of instruction at high school, may use the language certificate issued by the high school instead.
2.?Applicants from countries where English is the?official?language are exempt from proof of English?language?proficiency.
3.?For the applicants who are already in master or doctoral stage, we will find tutors to guide you during your study period in DUT. The final tutor and department could evaluate your language level according to the interview or written test.
4.?If you do not meet the above three conditions, please submit a TOEFL or IELTS transcript.?In principle, the score must be 80 or higher, and the IELTS score must be 5.5 or?higher.
10.Certificate of No Criminal Conviction:  It needs to be issued by the relevant department of the applicant’s country, and the validity period is six months. It must be provided when registering at DUT. (Due to the functions of government agencies in some countries, it is difficult for some applicants to obtain the Certificate of No Criminal Conviction. In view of such situations, instead of the Certificate of No Criminal Conviction, applicants can sign the Commitment of No Criminal Conviction (Please see attachment for template) that meets the relevant requirements of the university of the applicants. )

Visa Requirement

Normally X visa is required

Arrival Day

Any day during registration period

Airport Pick-up During registration period pick up service is free,do not provide any pick up service during other times

If students already have international insurance please provide the related documents or certification,if not please buy insurance upon arrival. 300RMB for one semester and 500RMB for one year.

Accommodation Duration
of stay
Room Type Rate/Month Facilities Public Facilities
Ph.D& Internati
onal Student
more than
3 months
Single 900 RMB Internet
Washing Machine,
Microwave Oven
Double 600 RMB
less than
3 months
Single 1800 RMB
Double 1200 RMB
Home-stay Negotiated
the host
and the
Offered a separate room,
breakfast and supper
Academic Schedule

2021 Fall semester:September 1st, 2021 (expected); 19 weeks


Available English Programs:
Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology…,etc.
*Please refer to “ DUT Training Program of Majors Taught English and Japanese” for more information.
Chinese language courses:Basic/ Intermediate/ Advanced

Average Courseload per Semester for Chinese Language Program

Students are expected to undertake 22-24 hours of compulsory courses and 2-8 hours of selective courses per week from Monday to Friday.

Grading System

Final grade for each class is scored out of 100 (Chinese Language Courses)

Tuition Fees

Exchanged students are exempted from tuition fee

Estimated Living Expenses per Month

Around 1000-2000RMB (not including housing)

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