Visit visa(F visa) is applicable to foreigners who come to DUT for exchanges, visits, inspections and other activities. F visa has three types: single-entry, re-entry, or multiple-entry. The validity is normally 90 or 180 days from the date of issuance. That is, the visa holder must enter the country within 90 or 180 days from the date of issuance, or otherwise the visa will be expired. If you hold re-entry visa, the time of each visit will be noted; if you hold multiple-entry visa, each visit to China shall not exceed 30 days.

The procedures and required materials for the invitation letter for visa are as follows:

Ⅰ. Single-entry visa for less than 6 months Documents for the applicant to prepare:
1. Application form
2. Copy of passport’s first page.
3. If the invited is from Country A, but needs to apply for a visa to China in Country B, a proof of long-term residence in Country B (copy or electronic version)is required;
4. If the invited is here to participate in an international conference, a copy of the acceptance to the international conference is required and the invited should be on the list of participants reported to the Ministry of Education by the international conference; if the invited is here to participate in a short-term academic exchange, a brief exchange schedule or plan should be provided.
5. Invitation letter written by the inviter without a fixed format
Ⅱ. For a multiple-entry F visa Documents for the applicant to prepare:
1. Application form
2. Copy of passport’s first page
3. Schedule of the visit
4. Diplomas that can verify the competence of the invited and their translation versions;
5. CV in Chinese and foreign language
6. Certificate of No Criminal Record signed by the foreign expert;
7. Other documents required by the Foreign Affairs Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government;
2.Work Permit
Ⅰ. Application for Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit
Ⅱ. Application for Foreigner’s Work Permit
Ⅲ. Application for Foreigner’s Residence Permit
①Before Entry Please provide the electronic version (scanned original in color) and paper materials according to the attached list:

1. Work qualification certificate
2. Diploma of the highest degree or other authenticated equivalent certificates
3. Certificate of No Criminal Record
4. Physical examination record
5. Contract for Foreign Teachers
6. Passport or valid international travel documents
7. Bareheaded and full-faced photo of the applicant taken within 6 months
8. Relevant certification materials of accompanying family members
9. Other materials
10. The postdoctoral needs to provide materials for entering research station.
(Postdoctor Sector, Office for Talents: 0411-84708712).
Professors and associate professors must provide confirmation letter to enter university.
(which is issued by the Office for Talents: 0411-84708717)
②After entry Tip 1:
The foreign teacher/postdoctoral should register at the police station within 24 hours after entry. (The applicant must be present.) Please remind the postdoctoral of the above time limit of registration, and that the postdoctoral would be responsible for all consequences of any expiration.

The required materials are as follows:
1. Original passport and copies of the first page of the passport, visa page and entry stamp.
2. Accommodation Certification.
(If the applicant lives off campus, housing contract from landlord must be provided.)
3. Address of Gaojia Police Station in Dalian Hi-tech Zone:
Block A, No. 2 Building, No. 31 Software Park, Software Park Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian, Liaoning Province.
4. After registration at the police station, the applicant will receive an accommodation registration form in blue.
Please remember to keep it properly.
Tip 2:
Foreign teachers/postdoctoral must apply for a work permit within one week after entry, please prepare the electronic and paper version according to the following list:
1. Photocopy and scanned copy of the Chinese visa page and entry page.
2. Physical examination record (The applicant should apply for it in Dalian Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau)
Contact: 0411-87954974, 0411-87954975
(work hours: 8:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m., 13:00 p.m. to 16:00 p.m. on weekdays)
3. Original passport
4. Foreign teachers of class B should take the original documents with themselves.

Tip 3:
After Receiving Work Permit, foreign teachers must apply for a residence permit for foreigners within 30 days after entry
(The applicant needs to be present). Please pay attention to time limit and be responsible for any expiration.
Residence Permit for Foreigners:
1. Application form with a photo (2*2 inch color bareheaded photo with white background).
2. Official Letter from International Office, DUT
3. Original and photocopy of the passport
4. The original and a copy of the front and back of the foreigner's work permit. Then scan the QR code and print the information
(you can use the web WeChat to scan and right click the print option)
5. The Original and a copy of the accommodation registration form, which will be issued by the police station after entry.
6. Copy of Z visa and entry stamp.
7. Cash payment. After acceptance, usually within 15 days, cash payment needs to be completed on site.


Foreign teachers/ postdoctoral should register at the police station within 24 hours after entry, a work permit must be applied within one week, and a residence permit within 30 days. If the applicant changes accommodation and passport information midway, the change should be registered at the police within 24 hours, and the newly-issued accommodation registration form should be taken within 10 days to the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau to make the changes. Please remind the foreign teachers of the above time limit and that the foreign teacher would be responsible for any expiration.

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