• Step 1: Autonomously

  • Step 2: Protocol plans

  • Step 3: Submit an

  • Step 4: Considered by
    the DUT International

  • Step 5:If approved,
    the exchange program
    can be conducted

Ⅰ Project Overview

1. Purpose

In 2017, Dalian University of Technology (DUT) proposed the "Schoolfellow Friendship" Initiative for well-known Chinese and foreign universities, encouraging Chinese and foreign universities to jointly set up conditions such as the same training program, the same classroom, the same cafeteria, and the same campus, innovating the joint education modes for students, and encouraging overseas students to take credit courses in China for no less than three months. The program not only builds a platform for exchanges between Chinese and foreign students for a deep classmate friendship and contributes to the overall strategy of sustainable Sino-foreign friendship with closer people-to-people ties.

The "Schoolfellow Friendship" Initiative (hereinafter referred to as the " Schoolfellow Program") aims to encourage DUT teachers to invite overseas partners to jointly have academic seminars, student forums, international cooperation negotiations, cultural exchanges and other activities to maintain long-term interactive relationships. Gradually, it aims to cultivate a group of teachers with resources, potential and enthusiasm,establish a group of "program-to-program" talent training bases between particular disciplines in Chinese and foreign universities, and develop a group of famous disciplines or research labs in foreign cooperation.

In 2021, the program is planned to be held on line due to the pandemic. This year, in addition to the exchange activities open to on-campus applications throughout the year, DUT plans to launch the President Conferences of Dalian University of Technology and Overseas Universities. Besides the lead unit, other disciplines of DUT that have in-depth cooperation with the overseas university can also participate in the activity to show and consolidate their foundation for cooperation between the two parties. Exchange activities not designated by DUT at the university level should be declared and organized by the departments according to their own resources and needs.

2. Organizer and Form

Organizer:   Dalian University of Technology

Form:   online and offline

Notice:   After the event, the Chinese and international participants will be awarded the certificate of completion by DUT.

3. Time of Application

(1) The program will be run from May to December in 2021.

(2) Program applications are open throughout the year.

4. Candidate for funding

Teachers and enrolled students of DUT

Teachers, students and related personnel of DUT's overseas sister universities and institutions

5. Scope of Funding

Expert consultation (report), service, translation and interpreting, meals, consumables, venue, and printing for Chinese and foreign participants.

Standards of funding of DUT:

Online report for Chinese and foreign teachers: RMB 1,000/person/day, and the maximum is RMB 3,000/person.

Online report for Chinese and foreign students: RMB 500/person/day, and the maximum is RMB 1500/person.

Translation and interpreting: RMB 500/person/day

Other: consumables, venue and printing

To be paid by the participants:

Other fees for the use of experimental equipment, instruments and so on by both parties.

Ⅱ Program Type

1. Comprehensive experience

The program aims to help students learn about Chinese society and university culture to fully understand the current situation of scientific research, disciplines and teaching in the Chinese universities, and to experience the campus life and learning conditions of the Chinese university students. In principle, the exchange period shall be no more than 7 days. *In 2021, due to the pandemic, the program is mainly in the type of "comprehensive and in-depth experience".

2. Joint classes

The two parties focus on promoting the mutual recognition of credits regarding specific subjects. Through the joint teaching of both Chinese and foreign teachers, the two parties can realize the goal of having joint classes for Chinese and foreign students and establish a deep classmate friendship between them. In principle, the exchange period shall be no less than two weeks.

3. Joint research

The two parties carry out joint research and guidance on specific topics, or negotiate for the establishment of new topics in order to establish a bond in scientific research. In principle, the exchange period shall be no more than 3 weeks.

Ⅲ Application Procedure

1. Independent pairing

Chinese and foreign teachers seek cooperative partners on their own. 。

2. Plan making

The two parties jointly draw up the exchange plan, which includes the purpose, expected results, detailed schedule, participants, reasonable budget, etc.

3. Application submitting

The inviter from DUT should fill in the attached Program Application Form, and submit them to the International Office, DUT one month before the start of the event.

4. Review focus

The International Office of DUT will review the applications with the following considerations:
(1) The clarity of the purpose and the subject of the exchange
(2) The rationality of the plan and schedule of the exchange
(3) The rationality of the program budget
(4) Programs with long-term cooperation intention and mutual recognition of credits are be encouraged.

Ⅳ Contact

Ms. Xu Jinling and Ms. Qu Yuan
Tel: 86-411-84708191;  18642357837;  15524772979
For the relevant introduction materials of the program, please see the attachments for detail.

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