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President's Welcome  

DUT has built solid foundation for its further development with the accumulation of the efforts of generations of DUTers in seizing the great opportunity of building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics. It has unveiled its plan for the construction of a "first-class university": After three phases of implementation from 2018 to 2049, DUT will become a world first-class university on its 100th anniversary. In its history of developmetnt, the strategy of strengthening the university by attracting talents for discipline construction composed the epic of DUTers, so will DUT attract academics at home and abroad with its inclusiveness and have great achievements for the New Era with their joint efforts, echoing the causes of the Party and the State.

JIA, Zhenyuan

President, Dalian University of Technology

Member of the Chinese Academy of Science

  • April.1949

    The school, for the school of engineering of Dalian University

  • July.1950

    The establishment of Dalian University revoke,Dalian University Institute of Technology Dalian lnstitute of technology as an independent

  • October.1960

    As a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education

  • Feburary.1978

    Being reclassified as a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education

  • April.1986

    ​The establishment of Graduate School

  • March.1988

    ​Renamed the Dalian University of Technology

  • 1996—2000

    The implementation of the "Nine Five"and "211 Project"" construction, The Ministry of education, Liaoningprovince to build the city of Dalian,DalianUniversity of science andtechnology

  • 2001-2003

    The Ministry of education, Liaoning Province,Dalian University of Technology, Daliancity key construction, the implementation of the "985 Project" construction

  • 2003-2005

    The implementation of the "fifteen" and "211 Project" construction

  • December.2003

    Determined by the central government asin pipe cadre school

  • 2004

    The implementation of the "985 Project"construction of two

Facts & Figures
  • 1949 It was founded in
    April 1949
  • 4,479 There are 4,479
    faculty members

  • 81 81 undergraduate

  • 49,287 49,287 students

  • 3,571,300 It covers an area of
    3,571,300 square
  • 1,916,300 The gross floor area
    is 1,916,300 square

  • 3,740,000 It has a collection
    of over 3.74 million

  • 1,315 There are 1,315

  • 150 150 Overseas
    exchange programs