"Setting High Aspirations, Cultivating Outstanding Skills, and Striving to Become Pioneers of a Strong Nation" – Address by President Jia Zhenyuan at the Opening Ceremony of Class 2023

Date:Sep 8, 2023

Dear freshmen of the Class of 2023, parents, and teachers,

Good morning!

Today, we gather for Opening Ceremony of Class 2023, welcoming 6,341 undergraduate and 7,555 postgraduate students from across our nation, along with 382 international students from 50 countries to Dalian University of Technology. On behalf of the university community, I extend a warm welcome and heartfelt congratulation to all new DUTers. We also express sincere thanks to the parents and teachers who have supported your journey to DUT.

Although today marks our first encounter, the stories of the Class 2023 have already become well-known to us and have captured the attention of people nationwide. We have been deeply moved by your sincerity. Furthermore, today happens to be the birthdays of 33 freshmen, so I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday.

I also want to extend my congratulations to all the freshmen here today: Congratulations on becoming the new generation of DUT students. Please believe me that the university will live up to your choice, your expectations, or your future.

Your arrival has injected new vitality into this university with a 74-year history! Just like you, 43 years ago, I had high expectations when I first came to this university. I spent 10 years studying at DUT, from bachelor degree to doctoral degree, and continued to work here till now. Today, I want to share with you what kind of university DUT is based on my personal experience: it's a university with a noble mission and outstanding contributions. It was born alongside the People's Republic of China and was established to support the construction of the country's industrial system.

DUT is a great place for "learning and academic pursuit", with 15 academicians leading a group of distinguished professors who will guide you to "learn at DUT, innovate at DUT". It is also known as "the most artistic science and technology university". I believe that together, we can create a new chapter of excellence for this university.

Today, I would like to share my thoughts with you around three key points:

Firstly, I hope you will define your goals clearly and grow into capable pioneers who can be of great service to our nation.

Looking back at our university's history, the pursuit of DUTers has never been limited to personal comfort and prosperity; instead, it's about the courage to contribute to society, serve the nation, and benefit humanity. What we take the most pride in is contributing to the development of the Party and the country.

I hope you will pass on the tradition of DUT spirit, establish goals of contributing to the great cause of our nation, and consistently strive towards this objective. Work hard to grow into capable pioneers for our strong nation, ready to make significant contributions!

Secondly, I hope that you will enhance your abilities for independent learning and innovation, growing into strong pioneers with outstanding skills for our great nation.

It is no longer about passively receiving knowledge but about enhancing your ability for self-directed learning and innovation.

DUT provides an open and self-directed learning environment for your growth. Besides the platforms in your respective majors, the university has established the "Early Start, Early Stage, Early Creation" technology innovation community led by nearly 200 young scientists and offers more than 1,500 innovation and entrepreneurship training programs. Every year, many outstanding students participate and achieve remarkable results in numerous national-level science and technology competitions.

We expect you to quickly adapt to university learning, aiming to become independent researchers who don't solely rely on teachers for guidance. Maintain your dedication to research, work diligently, and strive towards the direction of strong fundamentals, interdisciplinary studies, digitization, effective collaboration, and practical experience.

Thirdly, we hope that you will continue to strengthen your will power and grow into strong pioneers who are both physically and mentally healthy for our great nation.

We must prioritize both physical and mental health. Stepping into university, you will face challenges vastly different from high school. It's crucial to adapt swiftly to university life, develop independent living skills, maintain good physical health, and preserve the vibrant and upward spirit of youth.

I wish all students a successful academic journey and a promising future!

Thank you!