Student Clubs

Date:Jul 4, 2022

As of June 2022, there are 163 student clubs in DUT, including 112 on the main campus, 24 in the Development Zone and 27 on the Panjin Campus, whose total number of members is 20,472. All student clubs are staffed by instructors who are responsible to guide club activities organization and help to standardize their development. With the strong support of the Communist Youth League Committee of DUT and the extensive participation of students, these clubs have gradually developed into a significant platform for young students to improve their overall qualities and grow into talents with the influence of promoting young talents training to develop DUT into a double first-class university.

In terms of recruiting, the clubs take in new student members intensively at the beginning of October every year. They display their activities through performances in stalls to attract like-minded students to join.

Under the guidance of CYLC of DUT, according to the development goal of "one school has one characteristic, one club has one excellent activity", many clubs have launched their unique excellent activities, such as Orienteering Challenge, Frisbee Contest, Weiqi Match, Long Distance Race in Winter, Night of Astronomy, Qiyu Carnival, charity sales, animal protection activity and Hanfu clothing appreciation activity, etc. They are held regularly every year and attract a large number of students, which greatly promotes the development of student clubs.