Date:Jul 8, 2022

At present, the Library of Dalian University of Technology consists of one main libraryandthree branches in five buildings, with a total construction area of 83,000 m2. The main library is located in two buildings on the main campus, namely, Bochuan Library and Lingxi Library, and the three branches are the Library of the Development Zone Campus, the Library of the Panjin Campus, and Marxism Archive. The library is home to rich and unique collections and first-class facilities and functions. By the end of 2021, the libraries offered a total collection of over 3.74 million volumes and subscriptions to 268 databases on 96 academic research platforms, including 1.75 million Chinese and foreign language e-books and 51,000 e-journals. The library provides multilingual, multimedia research resources first and foremost for science and technology disciplines and for humanities, social sciences, and economics and management as well.

Bochuan Library

Located at the heart of the main campus, Bochuan Library is named after Dr. Qu Bochuan, a renowned educator and one of the founders of the university. The Library was first built in 1999 with a floor area of 20,000 m2and renovated in December 2019. The Library offers print volumes, journals, newspapers, and theses in both humanities and science subjects. There is also a dedicated Lingshui Book House for Chinese Philosophy and Literature Classics and Baichuan Literature Archive for works authored by faculties and alumni.

Lingxi Library

Lingxi Library is located on the western campus of the main campus and is named after Dr. Qian Lingxi, Academician, a renowned educator and leading expert in mechanics. The Library was officially opened in 2011, with a floor area of 30,000 m2, and offers a collection of engineering research and learning resources in Chinese and foreign language volumes, journals, and newspapers.

The Library of the Development Zone Campus

With a floor area of 17,000 m2, the library of the Development Zone Campus provides a collection of more than 200,000 volumes, mainly in electronic and information engineering and computer science but one may also find resources in humanities and social sciences areas.

The Library of Panjin Campus

The Library of Panjin Campus is located in the Panjin Campus of Dalian University of Technology and was opened in 2013 with a floor area of 16,000 m2. The collection is mainly to meet the learning and research needs of the students and faculties on Panjin Campus and is home to 250,000 volumes.

The Marxism Archive

The Marxism Archive is located on the main campus and was established to meet the needs of theoretical research and education of Marxist philosophy. The archive was officially opened to the public in September 2016.

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