Housing & Dining

Date:Jul 11, 2022

The living zone of students covers an area of 300,000 square meters, including49 dormitoriesand apartments,10 student canteens(including halal canteens) , and several business restaurants. With a construction area of nearly 7,000 square meters, the comprehensive service building for college students integrates fast food, a supermarket and a student activity center.

DUT attaches great importance to the construction of civilized dormitories and implements standardized management of dormitories. The civilized dormitory rate reaches about 75%. The integration of the student living area and campus area makes students feel more convenient and safer, and also makes it more convenient for learning. The perfect public service system enables students to benefit directly from the efficiency of resources.


  • Central Canteen Hall

Xishan Living Quarter

  • Qinyuan Canteen

Xishan Living Quarter

  • The Fifth Canteen Hall

Xishan Living Quarter

  • The Seventh Canteen Hall

Zone C of Beishan Living Quarter

  • Boliu Canteen Hall

Boliu Living Quarter


  • 1949 Coffee Shop





Boliu Student Dormitories(on-campus)

The Boliu Living Quarter has 7 student apartment buildings, including 3 for international students and 4 for Ph.D students. It covers an area of 65,500 square meters that accommodates about 3,000 students.

•Room Type: Single room; double room

•Furnishings: Bathroom, Shower room, Wi-Fi, public laundry, public kitchen

•Fees*: Http://

International Student Dormitories(off-campus)

•Room Type: Standard room

•Furnishings: Television, air conditioner, bathroom, shower room, Wi-Fi, public laundry, public kitchen


*Subject to change.