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Cooperative Innovation Center Co-sponsored by Liaoning Province and the Ministry of Education

Date:Jul 2, 2022

Aiming at China’s demands for green chemistry and chemical engineering, the Center is established to closely collaborate with relevant universities and chemical enterprises in Liaoning province, following the principle of “government guidance, collaboration with enterprises, innovation-driven to lead the region”. Led by Dalian University of Technology and co-sponsored by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and Dalian Research Institute of Sinopec, the Center attracts participation of many chemical enterprises.

The Center consists of platforms for common technology innovation of green chemical products, special technology innovation of efficient chemical process, innovative research on sustainable development, and administrative services. In view of major international demands for the chemical industry, the Center takes advantage of its discipline cluster to strengthen interdisciplinary and technological integration innovation. The Center has carried out academic research on fine chemical product engineering, green energy resources and high technology of fine chemical industry, efficient and clean conversion and utilization of resources, chemical energy-saving process engineering and key technologies of industrial pollution control, which are needed for chemical industry greening and efficient development and utilization of resources, and has made remarkable achievements.