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National 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center

Date:Jul 4, 2022

The Collaborative Innovation Center of Major Machine Manufacturing (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) was founded in 2012 as a collaborative innovation center for regional development. It is led by Dalian University of Technology and jointly operated by multiple universities including Northeastern University and Xi’an Jiaotong University, and multiple equipment manufacturers including Shenyang Blower Works Group Corporation, Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Corporation, and GENERTEC. In 2014, it was recognized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China as the 2011 National Collaborative Innovation Center (the only awardee in Liaoning Province).

Driven by the country's major needs, the Center carries out research on basic theories and generic and specific technologies of equipment manufacturing such as aerospace equipment, high-end compressor units, high-end CNC machines and large-scale mining equipment. Numerous breakthroughs have been made in crucial theories and technologies and the achievements have been applied in the fields like aerospace, national defense and military industry, and energy and power, with a batch of symbolic results represented by the first-class National Technology Invention Award and the first-class National Science and Technology Progress Award (innovation team). It has effectively enhanced China’s core competence and sustainable development capacity in major equipment industries and has become a leading innovation base of manufacturing technology of major equipment and talent base in China.

Contact: Liu Yonggang Tel: 86-411-84706665