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International Joint Laboratory of the Ministry of Education

Date:Aug 3, 2022

In accordance with the national major needs for engineering, the Joint Laboratory of International Cooperation on Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering plays an important leading role in the field of offshore oil and gas engineering, aiming at ensuring the national energy security.

Over the years, the Laboratory has continuously promoted the construction of world-class research teams, and improved its independent innovation capabilities of high-level international research teams. In addition, it has undertaken a large number of prominent international, national and regional cutting-edge researches, and contributed to the core-think-tank of the national offshore oil and gas engineering. The Laboratory has made breakthroughs in the frontier basic research on ocean engineering and the core "bottleneck" technology in the industry.

It supports the construction of three first-level disciplines, i.e. hydraulic engineering, civil engineering, and shipbuilding and oceanography engineering, and creates a new driving force for the discipline by expanding the current discipline cluster of Ocean Engineering and building a cross-disciplinary platform of "Ocean + X". The Laboratory promotes the innovation of top-notch talent training programs, and strengthens the construction of bilingual or foreign language curricula, and increases the proportion of international students and joint-training students, and significantly improves the students' international competence.

Focusing on the strategies of "building the strong maritime country" and the Belt and Road Initiative, it is committed to expanding international partnership, and continuously enhancing innovative capability of talents, disciplines and scientific research, so as to build itself into a world-class base for scientific research and talent training. In this way, it can lead the development of frontier disciplines, the incubation and growth of achievements, the mode of talent cultivation, and international exchanges and cooperation.

O-Tube for seabed interaction, a large ocean dynamic environment structure

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