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Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education

Date:Sep 13, 2022

Engineering Research Center of Industrial Equipment Monitoring and Control, Ministry of Education.


The Engineering Research Center of Industrial Equipment Monitoring and Control, Ministry of Education is grounded in the DUT first-class discipline – Control Science and Engineering and co-established by the DUT Computer Control Engineering Co., Ltd. With an area of 12,671 square meters, the Center has 79 faculties, including one Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education, three winners of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Youth, and one expert compiler of the list of the national major R&D projects of China's Ministry of Science and Technology. At present, a high-quality scientific research team with a clear research direction and resonable personnel structure has taken shape. The team members work on basic research, application research, product research and development, and project implementation. Members of the Center, taking into account major needs of the country and the industry, have conducted research in system architecture of the industrial internet and network control technology and solutions. They have also set up multiple research platforms for industrial internet of intelligent factories, comprehensive test of electromagnetic parameter, verification of aero-engine hardware-in-the-loop, and RTLab stimulation of the industrial energy management system. Hence a set of theories, technologies and engineering application systems with distinctive features of industrial internet has been formed, which enjoys a profound influence and a good reputation in relevant sectors. Over the rencent years, the Center has undertaken more than 200 research projects including key R&D programmes and the National Science and Technology Major Projects on aro-engine and combustion turbine, and has been licensed 150-odd invention patents. It was awarded more than 10 prizes including Second Class Prize for NPNS of China, Gold Prize for Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions and other prizes of Ministry of Education and associations. Facing the future, the Center will continue to make breakthroughs in core technologies of the industrial internet, promote high-standard scientific research, technology R&D and the commercialization of these research findings. It will also consider national and industrial major needs and energize social and economic development.
Contact: Feng Yi  E-mail:

Engineering Research Center of Molding Products, Ministry of Education


Contact: Wei Zhaocheng
Tel: 13940828349
Based in Dalian University of Technology (DUT), the Engineering Research Center of Molding Products, Ministry of Education, is approved in 2001 and accepted in 2005. Facing the national economic construction and major needs, the Center is committed to the forming and manufacturing of polymers, composites, metals and other materials and the development of related technologies and products by strengthening core technology research, improving engineering and system integration capabilities, which provides technical support and engineering products for national strategic needs and economic construction needs. The main research and development (R&D) directions of the Center are:
(1) Polymer product molding technology
(2) Polymer micro-nano molding manufacturing technology
(3) Advanced composite structure design and forming technology
(4) Light alloy forming technology and equipment
(5) Functional surface and mold design and manufacturing technology
The Center, covering an area of 5400 square meters, currently has 52 permanent R&D staff members and 68 sets of main instruments and equipment with a total value of more than 37 million yuan.
The Center takes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and engineering as its development direction. Through the integrated development of the industry-university-research mechanism, it has formed full-fledged engineering experiment and pilot test platforms in various R&D directions.
With the support of two phases of National Strategic Needs for Technical Transformation Project, it has built two small polymers product molding batch lines. After years of construction and development, the Center has formed a complete workflow from conducting applied basic research, original technology development, and technology transfer to transforming engineering products independently. Relying on the advantages of DUT disciplines and talent resources, it has established a sustainable R&D mechanism for the integration of industry, university, and research. It has become an engineering research center of the Ministry of Education with certain influence in the fields related to major national strategic needs, polymer microfluidic chips, light alloy forming, and mold design and manufacturing


Engineering Research Center of Advanced Polymers and Composites, Ministry of Education


Based on the ’novel high-performance resin with phthalazinone structure, aiming at key problems in the high-tech fields and the major national strategic needs, the Center attempts to carry out basic theoretical research on advanced polymers and composites, develop engineering and industrialization technology, and address problems in key generic technologies urgently needed for industrial technological progress in this field. It has three research directions, namely,
(1) Structure and properties of high temperature resistant basic resins. Based on the design of the molecular structure, the Center designs and synthesizes new high-performance polymer materials with new  phthalazinone structure, and studies the relationship between their structure and properties as well as engineering and industrialization technology.
(2) High-performance resin matrix composites and their applications. Focusing on the research of new high-performance resin matrix of new phthalazinone structure, the Center conducts studies on continuous fiber reinforced composites, short fiber reinforced composites, polymer alloys, nano-in situ composite modified materials, etc.
(3) Functional polymer materials and new technologies for their application. The Center works on electronic information functional materials, high temperature resistant and efficient separation membranes, new energy battery materials, high temperature resistant and radiation-resistant special insulating materials, functional coatings, and high temperature resistant structural adhesives, bio-based high-performance materials, biomedical materials, 3D printing materials, stealth materials, etc.
The Center has undertaken major national, industrial and regional scientific and technological research tasks, continuing to provide engineering technological achievements for technological innovation and industrial progress, so as to deepen the integration of science and education, and vigorously cultivate innovative talents in the fields of advanced polymers and composites.