How to apply for the work permit?

Date:Jun 28, 2022

In order to apply for an entry visa, you will first be required to apply for a notification of work permit. Work permit will be able to apply once you have entered China. Please submit the following documents: 

1. Academic Resume (starting from high school diploma, list academic and work resume in detail, need to be specific to month) (including phone, email, address, email) (marital status) 

2.A letter of recommendation or certification from the previous employer (or current employer, or PhD supervisor) (indicating his or her position and performance) 3. Highest degree certificate and its consular certification issued by the Chinese embassy 

4. No criminal record issued by the law enforcement agency of the country of nationality and consular certification of the report issued by the Chinese embassy 

5.The medical report issued by the local medical institution. The report form must use the special form of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (can be downloaded from the website download center of the International Office) 

6.Work contract (specify job title, employment period, work tasks, salary and insurance purchase) (insurance should specify major illness, hospitalization and accident, etc.) (Only Chinese is required, and only Chinese has legal effect.) 

7.Information Page on the applicant's passport 

8. ID photo (digital type, white color background) 

9.The exact name of the Chinese embassy or consulate to apply for a Chinese visa 

10.The certificate of acceptance issued by DUT Human Resource office. (Postdoctor Office : +86-411-84708712) (HR affairs Office : +86-411-84708717)"